CDs and Audio

Origins -  Creation VS Evolution


  • “One small speck to man: the evolution myth”-  Vij Sodera
  • “Genetic entropy and the mystery of the genome”-  Dr. J.C. Sanford
  • “The new answers book”-  Ken Ham (
  • “Evolution exposed: biology”-  Roger Patterson (
  • “Evolution exposed: earth science”-  Roger Patterson (

Magazines and Periodicals


  • “Expelled”-  Ben Stein
  • “Lucy- she’s no lady”-  (
  • “Flood geology”-  (
  • “The case for a Creator”-  Illustra Media
  • “The privileged planet”-  Illustra Media
  • “Unlocking the mystery of life”-  Illustra Media
  • “Icons of evolution”-  Illustra Media
  • “Darwin’s dilemma”-  Illustra Media

Various Religions and Cults


  • “When cultists ask”- (book)- Geisler and Rhodes
  • “Kingdom of the cults”- (book)- Martin and Hanegraaff


  • “Joseph Smith and the origins of the book of Mormon”-(book)- D. Persuitte
  • “The lost book of Abraham”-(dvd)- (
  • “The Bible vs the book of Mormon”-(dvd)- (
  • In today's world, there is a great deal of confusion when it comes to matters of truth, meaning, morality, our origin, and our destiny. The purpose of Renewed Thoughts is to bring clarity to such issues by examining them in light of a Biblical worldview, using the tools of science, philosophy, and critical thinking.